About us

The Global Foundation for Peace through Soccer (“The Foundation”) is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to spreading a message of peace through soccer. The Foundation is officially registered as a 501C3 “not-for-profit” organization in the United States. The Foundation operates throughout all of North America and around the globe.

The Foundation’s organizers have been involved in the sport of soccer for over 40 years in numerous countries around the globe. They recognize the very real and profound impact that soccer can have on people and communities around the world. If used properly, soccer can be used as a unifying force; it has been known to be a powerful tool to promote peace and understanding. Soccer is a true passion for the majority of the world’s population and tends to be used to create long lasting friendships and bonds that transcend political, economic, social, racial and religious boundaries. The mobilizing principal is then used to celebrate differences among cultures rather than to disparage and denigrate.

The Foundation’s Founder, Antonio Soave, on Peace through Soccer Mission in Damascus, Syria in 2007 – Here is with Co-Host Bacel Al-Sheik in Front of the Ummayad Mosque

The Foundation began operations in the media sector in 2003 by the production of various television programs under the auspices of “The Soccer Academy Television Show.” This show – which aired on numerous networks in the U.S. and around the globe for nearly four years – was designed to build bridges between cultures while focusing on youth soccer. The Soccer Academy produced shows in Jordan, Syria, Spain, Israel-Palestine, Italy, the Cayman Islands and the United States.